About the Author

Frank D’Angeli’s first spec script, Columbo: Murder by Suicide, was purchased by Universal at the personal behest of series star, Peter Falk. Frank’s second Columbo script was awarded top honors in a Movie of the Week Screenplay Competition.

His debut novel, STRANDED, (written under the pen name of Douglas Wentworth) won the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards-Gold Medal in sci-fi/fantasy, and the associated screenplay, co-written with David Hogan, was a finalist in the Stage32 4th Annual Sci-Fi/Fantasy Competition. His second book, CarnEvil, was the top-rated horror novel in the 2014 Book Pipeline Competition. As Carnival of Evil it is now a front-facing story for Radish Fiction’s push into the horror genre.

Frank’s first short story, the nail-biting tale, The Tower (available for free on this site) was awarded top prize in the 2015 Saugus.net Halloween Horror contest.

Don’t forget to visit the downloads page. There, you’ll be able to view video trailers, download wallpaper, and download free chapters of both novels free.


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