CARNEVIL Novel – Now featured on Radish Ficton as ‘Carnival of Evil’. Rated Top Horror in 2014 Book Pipeline Competition

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“Like a lost incarnation of an early Stephen King novel, CarnEvil gives us a “classic” horror story devoid of a supernatural cop-out. The ridiculously macabre backdrop of a forgotten carnival sets up a disturbing journey into a sort of diorama of death. A dream (or perhaps lovely nightmare) story for a horror film director to adapt.”
– Matt Misetich – Director of Development, Book Pipeline

Teenage brothers Mark and Doolen, along with friends, Annie, Jack, and Scottie, head out for a night of adventure.

While traveling from Maine to Massachusetts, they discover an isolated carnival.

Their adventure takes an evil turn when they realize the carnival’s price of admission…may be their lives.

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    Can’t wait for the next novel from Sir Douglas Wentworth !!!


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