Do humans have the right to inhabit (and ruin?) another planet?


In STRANDED, human qualities such as greed and hatred eventually lead to an Earth doomed by nuclear war. Six escaping astronauts, carrying their passengers, a database of stranded (digitized) humans, head for a habitable planet in hopes of resurrecting the human race. 

But someone on board feels that humans have no right to seed another planet with their destructive traits, and that person begins to systematically kill fellow crewmembers and delete the strands, hoping to extinguish the human race. Chief Scientific Officer Sandra Hapgood must race against time to save herself, the remaining strands, and the future of humanity. 

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    Sally Vickers


    Earth is a University. We are here to learn perfection. That takes MANY lifetimes. Why would God/ Goddess create our Souls , for one lifetime?
    She/he would not.
    We r the Same Soul in each lifetime we choose. Our Souls never change, just our bodies do.
    Learn about our SOUL BLUEPRINT that WE select before being born.
    Life is an exquisite journey, each time.
    Thank you Frank. Your question was a grand one.
    Sally Vickers
    Malibu Ca. 310-457- 5631


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